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2016.12.08 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Use your body!
Hello, everyone!

Today, we used our bodies a lot!

First, we reviewed alphabets, and played gesture games!
Was it hard to make alphabets with your bodies?
Even if it's hard, just try it! Think and try!

Next, we played "Tangled up" game.
Did you memorize the words "Left" "Right" "Hand" and "Foot"?
Everybody, be flexible!

Lastly, we learned how to say the body parts in English.
"Head SHoulders Knees and Toes" song is very catchy, and perfect for dancing along!

Hope the kids enjoyed learning while exercising!
I believe that learning this way is much better than just sitting still and listening to what teachers say.

Kids, be active!