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2017.11.01 UP
「せかい」 with Denis: Amazing team work!!
Hola! Como estan?

Did you enjoy Halloween?

Today we have played a game between teams.

The big surprise was that the guys showed very good teamwork and wonderful ideas!

We have competed to build a tower as high as possible!
Using only 30 papers, without glue, without scissors, only papers and your own hands.

They talked a lot with the team members to improve the design and achieve a higher tower.
And they showed us realy wonderful ideas.
Finally, the highest tower was 110cm. !!

At the final of the class, we take a guagua de pan (baby pan)! A traditional bread of the day of the dead in Ecuador! ( Is like obon in Japan, in ecuador there is no halloween)

Enjoy it in your house!

See you net week! Hasta luego!