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2018.01.10 UP
「せかい」 with Denis: Jordan and Hummus!!
Feliz Año Nuevo!!
Happy New Year!!

I'm very happy to be with you again this year.

In this first class of the year we have known a little about the Middle East.

We have known about Jordan, where the language is Arabic, the Islamic religion, the Dead Sea and many other things.

We also made and tried a typical dish of Arabic food called Hummus.

We went to the supermarket to buy the chickpea for the Hummus and we looked for some fruits and vegetables that we know how to say in Spanish.

It was a new and fun experience.

It is very simple to prepare and I will leave the recipe in case you want to try at home.
Chickpeas 200g
White Sesame Paste 70g
Cumin 5g
Lemon 2 table spoon
Salt 7g
Olive Oil 50g(or more)

Some Paprika Powder to decorate
Just mix all the ingredients with food processor and eat like dip with pita bread or crackers.

Everyone have a great year and see you in the next class.

Hasta luego!