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2019.06.12 UP
Esprit de la Foret!! 森の精霊たちの世界 Vol.6
Esprit de la Foret!! 森の精霊たちの世界 Vol. 6



This workshop was very deep and interesting because the imaginations of kids were very open. The first process was to create the spirit of the forest, after i cooked the clay in my oven at 1240 degree. When we are back with the sculptures, the kids were very surprised to see the sculptures like a rock.

After this we have painted the spirits and they started to become real and alive. The last process was to build a house for the spirits in boxes and also to find a place where the spirits come alive happy. The process was very full and the kids have learned a lot of things especialy with the imagination creating a new form on the earth. Reborn in the nature with her twink spirit of the forest. (Philippe)