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2019.10.16 UP
The lesson was taught in three parts.
The lesson was taught in three parts.
After introductions, question based patterns on names, age, year in school, the first part was based on animal flash cards.
We focused on color, if its friendly or dangerous, whether they’d seen one, where it lives, what it eats and what sound it makes.

The second part of the lesson was more physically oriented, responding to commands and performing actions.
With all students standing, first we did ‘touch you nose!’,
head, leg etc, followed by actions like ‘walk!’ ‘run!’, ‘jump!’s and ’change!’ (direction).

The third part was musically-based. We started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, going onto the target song Old McDonald’s Farm.

Eachstudent was required to choose an animal and we went round the class twice. We did this twice, once again as consolidation at the very end.