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2020.10.19 UP
Esprit de la Foret / Spirit of the Forest / 森の精霊たちの世界へ
The spirit of the forest .... Trees are the source of all life on earth ... their roots are linked in the earth and give life ...The creativity by the Land Art (Create with the elements of nature) is very powerful and calming for the mind.
Give a face ... a shape to their trunk ... give them a human or imaginary expression ... feel the nature within and imagine what it could tell us with a face.

Clay is a natural element that can be shaped endlessly ... its texture is fun and adapts to any medium ... Handling clay channels many of our emotions ... creating sculptures in the forest makes the forest even more beautiful and deeper

All children were really inspired and fascinated by this material and the forest that surrounds us ... Guiding them in this workshop is inspiring because they see nature in a different light.

The children were very focused, diligent and creative to beautify the trees and give them new life.

The end of the workshop was enriching ... expressing how each one felt about the experience...
The trees are alive and with the clay they are even more so ... thank you for everything for this beautiful sharing.