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2016.09.21 UP
TIDE POOL – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone

I hope you are all having a wonderful week despite all the rain.
Thankfully we didn’t have rain today but we decided to stay inside anyhow.
Today we started by practicing our alphabet and phonics.
After practicing, we got to work on our craft for today. We decided to make a silk screen design on paper but in fact it can be done on t-shirts or other clothing.
First we wrote our names on foil in block lettering. Then we drew a few designs of things that we like;
for example ice cream and surfboards.
After writing the designs, we cut out each piece carefully.

Once cut out, the pieces were placed carefully onto paper and pressed flat so that they covered the paper well.
Once prepared, we used a red color spray made of food coloring and water over the paper.
Then the pieces were removed to leave a blank design below.
For the final minutes of class we played a little bit of Uno, practicing our color and number words in English.

Have a great week!

Michael Coach