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2016.09.28 UP
TIDE POOL – Wednesday with Michael
Than kyou very much for your fantastic teaching!
Hello Everyone、
As you may already know, today was my last lesson with Tidepool.
I am sad to move on but I hope to see everyone from time to time as a guest teacher and at holiday events.




Today we made a yummy snack which is great for camping or hiking. We made granola!!
First, we looked at the recipe and different ingredients.
Then we began measuring and pouring the ingredients into a large bowl.
Finally we mixed all the ingredients and placed the raw granola in a pan to be baked.
While it baked, we played a few card games.
First we went over the alphabet, ordering the letters, and then learning phonics.
Next we played a long game of UNO, in which everyone was able to win once or twice.

Once the granola was finally baked, we pulled it out and added the raisons.
Once fully mixed, we divided the granola so that everyone could bring some home.
I hope you get a chance to eat some with your child.

Again I want to thank all the TIDEPOOL families and friends for this wonderful opportunity.
I truly enjoyed working with your children and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!
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Warmest regards,

Michael Coach