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2016.10.05 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Let’s find something beautiful!
Hello, this is Yumeko!
I'll teach here every 2nd and 4th of Wednesday from this month.

Today, we went for a walk while playing games in English.
For example, I said... "Find something yellow!" "Find something with rubber!" or "Find something beautiful!"
The kids looked around to find the things that macth the theme.
They found so many of them!

The world looks a little bit different depending on what you focus on!
I hope they could find something new from a different perspective.

We also went to the beach and tried to find something beautiful.
Someone said "The sea is beautiful!"
Great, there're so many wonderful things around us!

After coming back, we played Fantan (Sevens).
Do you remember how to say 13 numbers and 4 kinds of shapes in English!?
Now, you can count in both English and Chinese!

See you next time!