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2016.10.20 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Make Jack O’Lanterns!!

Hello, everyone!
The weather is getting cooler, and Holloween is coming!
So today, we made Jack O'Lanterns to be ready for October 31st!
First, I told them the history of Jack O'Lantern.
Where does it come from originally?
What's the "Legend of Stingy Jack"?

After that, we curved Jack O'Lantern!!

We drew faces, cut out the top part, then scooped out the seeds to clean the inside.
Next, we cut the face parts, and it's done!

Everyone did really good job!
The pumpkins were a little hard, so it wasn't easy for everyone, but they tried their best to make good ones!!

Lastly, we put and lighted candles inside.
They all looked wonderful!
Now, we are ready for Holloween!!