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2016.11.10 UP
Trust and Your senses
What is trust ? What does it look like ?
Stand with your arms folded on your chest, close your eyes and just fall back.
Will your friends catch you ?
Some kids are eager to try. Some hesitate. This is natural. The learning begins !
Now we learn about the 5 senses.
Tasting, seeing and smelling are related though it seems.
Sliced potatoes and apples look the same and without the nose, hard to tell difference but some can.
We see different results but they are learning.
We walk outside and see the moon, birds, clouds, wind blowing through the trees, people talking and hawk perched.
We feel the cold wind on our skin on our face.
We stop and smell the flowers and the small pine tree.
We hear a hawk cry, wind blow through trees, neighbors talk, a bicycle ride go by and more.
Finally time for games ! Squishy balls and time to develop hand/eye coordination. We play "catch" ,"hot potato" and put the ball in the basket. So many High 5's for good shots ! Every one scores ! Time for story ? - Sorry. No more time.

See you next time.