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2016.11.16 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Which country’s flag is this?
Hello, everyone!

We used national flag cards today to learn about many countries around the world!

The kids have known some of the countries and flags, but today, we learned where those countries are located!
We used a terrestrial globe, a world map, and internet to find the countries.

"Where is Italy?"
"It's in Europe!"

"Where is Bahrain on the map?"
"Let's search it!"

"What does the moon symbol mean in national flags?"
"It means that majority of people in the country are Muslims!"

I also showed some pictures from all over the world, and the kids guessed where these countries are.

Lastly, we did the language quiz! 
Each language has its own unique grammer and sounds!
I taught them a little more Chinese expressions today too.

If there're any countries you're interested in, try to learn more about it with books or on internet!