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2016.12.28 UP
Happy New year everyone !!!
Today's surprise lesson is about the tortoise.
There are two. One girl, Ura one boy Shima.
Do you know the story of Urashima Taro ?
At first just the boys would touch them but then the girls joined to feed them.
The tortoise we learned is very unique animal and they live so long !
All the kids had a great Christmas.
Presents like Pokémon game, Lego, Nintendo game and of course a remote control Jeep !
Next holiday is New Years !
2016 was good.
2017 will be better.
Set some goals. Play more, make new friends and be happy.
Now to finish lesson with making something out of balloons.
I'm so glad Naoki has a pump ! Of course we popped a few, after all. It's the NEW YEAR !
Happy New year everyone !!!