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2017.01.11 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: How was your winter holiday? Show us without talking!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It was the first
「せかい」 class of this year, so we started with New Year's greeting!

Then, we played quiz game to learn some New Year's cultures.
For example, do you know what kind of fruit Spanish people eat on New Year's day?

After that, the kids SHOWED everybody what they did during the winter holiday.
They couldn't use words to explain it.
They drew, acted, or pointed on maps and pictures to tell.
The others had to watch carefully and tried to guess what he or she was expressing.

I wanted to tell them that language is not the only way to communicate with people.
Also, communication is collaboration, it's not a "one-way" thing.

Lastly, we played UNO, and it gave us the chance to speak some English!

Hope to see you again at Wednesday's class!