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2017.01.26 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Making boiled dumplings!
Hi, everyone!

Have you heard about Chinese New Year?
It's January 28th this year!
On Chinese New Year, Chinese people cerebrate it by making and eating boiled bumplings with their family!
Today, I told everyone how to cook boiled dumplings!

First, we mixed the filling! Guess what ingredients I used!?

Then, we made wrappers.
I made it from the dough.
Hand-made wrappers have better texture!

Next step is wrapping the filling!
It's the fun part!
Some kids made unique-shaped dumplings.

Finally, we boiled them, and tried them!
The kids said "Yummy!"

I'm glad that now they know how delicious the boiled dumplings are!
They brought some home, so hope you could enjoy some too.

Today, we learned about one of the food cultures in China.
Hope the kids are more interested in my home-country, China!