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2017.02.09 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Let’s talk with a friend from Netherland!
Hi, everyone!

Today, we learned about Netherland/Holland!
I asked my Dutch friend to help us.
We had a nice video call session online!

Before starting the video chat, we checked where Netherland is on the map.
Then, we practiced self-introduction, then listed the questions we wanted to ask!

Hello, from Netherland! "I'm Maurits!"
He was a very kind young man, and he taught us some new things!
Did you know the sea level was higher than the ground in Netherland?
Did you know what a windmill was for?

The kids asked some questions in English.
It was a great chance to use English to communicate with somebody from a different country!

Lastly, we played a balloon game while reviewing how to say body parts in English.

Thank you so much, Maurits! DANKJEWEL!
Hope we can get more chances like this!