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2017.03.08 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Let’s talk with a friend from Russia!
Hi, everyone!

Today, we talked with a lady from Russia!
She is my good friend.
We had a really fun video call session today!

Before the video chat, we learned a little about Russia, and tried to think of some questions to ask!

Hello, from Russia! "I'm Nadya!"
She taught us about the weathers, seasons, food, language, and national flag in Russia!
The kids asked her so many questions, so we could learn many new things.
She even showed us how the view looked like from her window.
Yes, we were actually talking with a lady in Moscow.


The kids looked very happy when Nadya understood their English!
They did a great job!
English is so useful, isn't it?

In the end of the class, we learned the names of capital cities in some countries.

Spacibo, Nadya!
Spacibo everybody, for the exciting time!