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2016.01.13 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone! 

I hope you had a wonderful week so far. 

Today we went to the farm and enjoyed a wonderful sunset. 

we picked daikon from the farm. 
We are using the daikon to make dried slices so we decided to pick the smaller daikon.  After picking a few nice daikon,
we took them up to the farmhouse to wash and prepare.

The kids took turns washing, slicing, and laying the daikon onto a large screen. 
The screen will be stored in the green house to dry quickly over the next week. 
Once dried, we can use the daikon for many delicious recipes. 

Afterwards, we went back to Tidepool to play a game of pictionary.  All in all a very fun day! 

Hope to see you all again next week.

Best regards,
Michael Coach