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2017.04.12 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Trust your intuition! Play with colors!
Hope you are all doing good.

Today, we went to Isshiki beach first.
After stretching exercises, we played "Compass Walk" game.
The kids made a pair.
One had to blind her/himself and walk toward a "goal". They only could stop and see when they thought they'd reached the goal.
The partner had to make sure the blind one is safe. When there's any obstacles, they had to shout "Be careful!" in English.
Can you trust your intuition?
You need to use the sense besides the visual one!

Then, we played the color tag at  the green field near by!
"What color is it?" "Light blue!"
Now they can say varuous colors in English!

After coming back to the class, we played an inspiration game.
Explore your imagination!

I'm sure your life will be very very brightly colorful!