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2017.04.19 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Take some pictures and feel “spring”!
Hello, everyone.

It was such a beautiful day today!
We went for a spring adventure to find something interesting!

We had so much fun with camera!
The kids used their imaginations to find something triangle or something with 3 eyes.
There're so many wonderful things in the world, if you try to seek!

After coming back from the walk, we checked the pictures we took.
These are just a few of the kids' artworks!
They really were natural artists and great photographers!!

After that, we watched a Sesami Street video about Autism (自閉症)!
It was all in English, but the kids were so focused.
I asked them what they found, and let them think about what they watched.
Then, I explained about it a little.
Hope I could help with thier understanding of Autism.

I enjoy seeing the kids learning while having fun.