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2016.01.27 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well.

Today we made dried Daikon and Carrot kimpira.  Last time, we made dried daikon, which we placed into water to reconstitute for cooking.  After soaking in water for 20 minutes, it was ready to cook.  

We also took turns slicing, shredding, and adding different ingredients to the kimpira.
Once all the ingredients were mixed into the pot, we left them on the fire for about 20 minutes for the flavors to blend and the liquid to disappear.

While we waited, we went around the farm and searched for seeds to bring home.  We found a wide variety of seeds: okura, eggplant, pepper, marigolds, and a few more.

When our kimpira was finally done, we dished it out and enjoyed it by the warm stove inside the farm house.

I look forward to seeing everyone next time!

Have a wonderful week!

Coach Michael