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2017.04.26 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Have you tasted Chai!?
Hi, everyone!

Do you know anything about India?
My favorite Indian drink is Chai (spiced milk tea), and I wanted the kids to taste it!

First, we went to pick up some milk at a supermarket.
It wasn't a quick grocery shoppoing because we tried to find English in the supermarket.
Did you realized that there are so many English words around us!?
Some of the kids could say the names of fruits and vegetables in English.
Good job!

After coming back, we started to make chai.
Try to smell the spices! What do you think?

It was very easy to make chai.
All we need is putting assam leaves, milk, water, spices, and suger and boil them.
At first, kids were saying "It smells strange!" but once they tried chai, they actually liked it.
The milkier the better.

There're so many kinds of foods and drinks in the world.
Don't you want to try more?