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2017.05.12 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Let’s make the Happiness Jar!
Hello, everyone!
How was your long weekend/Golden week?

First, the kids showed everyone what they did during the Golden week.
They showed us without using languages.
They could only say "Yes" and "No" while everyone else was trying to guess.

Next, we made the Happiness Jar!
Everyday, you can take a piece of paper, and write a happy or fun thing you've experienced!
You can also write something you feel grateful for!
Then, put them in this Jar so that you may attract more good happenings!
The kids were decorating the jar in the way they wanted.
One of them told me that he would make it as the Mother's day present!
That would be so nice!

Hope you can focus on the bright side of life!
Don't worry, be happy!