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2017.05.24 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Yes/No Questions!
Hi, everyone!

Today, we played Yes/No Questions games!

First of all, we made our original Yes/No signs.
They are learning to write some alphabets a little by little.

Next, I asked Yes/No questions about themselves.
Are you 6 years old? Do you like vegetables? And...

Then, we played Yes/No quizes!
How much do you know about English and about this world we live in?
Do Chinese people use Kanji?
Do Japanese people live longest?
I gave a small gift to the winners.

Lastly, we played some simple guessing games.
We used our Yes/No signs till the end.
They tried to understand my questions in English, and we had a fun time together!

Understanding the questions is the first step to make an effective conversation!
Good try, everyone!