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2017.06.07 UP
「せかい」 with Yumeko: Marshmallow challenge!
Hi, everyone!

Today, we tried a fun activity!
It's Marshmallow challenge!

It was a competition.
Basically, the kids tried to build a tower, only using an 1m string, an 1m tape, 20 sticks of spaghetti, and a marshmallow!
They had 18 mins to build it.
Whoever built the higher tower could get to eat marshmallows.

It sounds hard, but they really tried!
On the first round, both team couldn't make it stand.

So we had a second round!

Finally, one of the teams could make it stand!
Woo hoo! Good job!

We all learn everything through trying and failing.
This activity is mainly about teamwork, but also teaches you how important it is to move your hands, before thinking too much. 

Actually, next week's class will be my last class here...
I'm going to miss teaching here.
Today, the new teacher, Mr. Denis came to greet the kids.
He can speak Spanish, and I'm sure the kids will enjoy his class too!