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2017.07.20 UP
「せかい」 with Denis: Learn about Ecuador!!
Hola!!! Como estas?
Bien gracias!

Today we have learned a lot and have fun with games and questions about Ecuador.

Ecuador is a country far from Japan but there are many interesting things.
We prepare the numbers to answer the questions.
We have known Ecuador has the Galapagos Islands and different animals.
The giant tortoise is 150cm tall and weighs about 250kg!
How big and heavy!

And the time difference between Japan and Ecuador is 14 hours !!

We also learned many more things about Ecuador that I can not write them all but it was very interesting

We also play card game UNO using Spanish to tell the numbers and colors.

At the beginning of the class we have promised that if all the questions are correct the following week we will cook something delicious!
And they did it!
So next week we will have a fun and delicious activity!

I`m looking forward to see you next week!

Hasta luego!