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2017.09.14 UP
「せかい」 with Denis: South America traditional food, Cunape!!
Hola amigos!
Como estan?

I am very happy to meet again in this class.
And it is a happiness to be able to share this food with you, which is called cunape(クニャペ).
This is like a cheese bread made with cassava powder which is a popular plate in Latin  America.

At this time n the class we have also spoken a lot of Spanish to cook this plate.

Everyone helped a lot to prepare the bread and also each one made his bread with different shapes.


Although we do not understand everything we can understand some words through enjoying cooking and eating Latin American dishes.
What we always achieve is to enjoy the class and the guys are always very good to enjoy all the activities.


Little by little we get used to these languages, and in the next class we will have a game and we can practice the words we learned today.

See you soon in the next class.

Hasta luego!!!