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2017.11.08 UP
「せかい」 with Denis: Piñata!!
Hola! Como estas?

Today we have made a piñata. Piñata is a traditional birthday activity in Latin America. 
It is something like making a doll and filling with candies, then the children hit with a stick to the pinyata to fall the candies. This time we will only do the piñata and if they have opportunity can enjoy the piñata in their house.


Today we have been able to complete the base to let it dry for 2 weeks.

In the next class the piñata will be very dry, hard and ready to be adorned.

The base is newspaper on a balloon with glue and water, it is simple but each of the children show us differents design and style of work.
As always children show us a great positive surprise.

We are looking forward to the next class that we will be able to decorate the piñata and see the children's ideas.

Hasta la siguiente clase!
See you next class!