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2016.02.10 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone! 

Today we played with Fire! 
Well...we learned how to start and put out a fire safely using basic tools
that people have used for hundreds of years.


First we looked at the different tools; flint and steel. 
These can be struck together to make a spark that can then be used to make a fire. 
But we need some type of material that can burn well. 

So we learned how to make char cloth.  100% cotton cloth can be smoked inside of a tin can over a fire to make the char cloth. This cloth burns easily but slowly so it can be used to start other burnable material like hemp rope or palm tree fibers.

Then we made a hole and a safe area for creating our fire.

Finally, we made a nest out of burnable materials and sparked out flint and steel until the fabric caught a spark. 
Then by blowing on the spark, we can build heat and finally ignite the other materials. 

After creating fires, we practiced putting them out by covering them
with dirt and water. 

I look forward to seeing everyone again next week!

Michael Coach