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2016.02.17 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone!!

Once again today we worked with fire and practiced our skills.  Some of today`s students have not had a chance to make fires yet so it was new, but for others they had a chance to hone their fire starting ability.
First, we made a fire to build in the stove within the farm house.  Then we used the fire to roast potatoes and garlic in olive oil using foil.  While it cooked, everyone took turns building fires.

To make the fire, we went around finding dry brush to make into nests.  Then we placed some charcloth inside the nest to catch the sparks.  Sparks were made using flint and steel, or using a special type of iron that can spark easily when struck.

At the end, we enjoyed some YUMMY roasted potatoes. 

I look forward to seeing everyone again next week!

Take care!

Michael Coach