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2016.02.24 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and avoiding winter sickness.  Eat lots of veggies to help your immune system!!!

Today we started planting Spring potatoes.  First we will plant many rows of May Queen potatoes.  And later we will plant other varieties.

I showed the kids how we store potatoes from the previous year's harvest by storing them in a box of sand or in paper bags so that sunshine and the elements do not contact the potatoes.  This way they may not rot of die during winter. 

As you can see, the potatoes are excited to get into the soil! 

Before planting, we looked at vetch plants(karasu no endou) to examine how these plants produce their own Nitrogen, which helps plants grow.  We will leave these weeds as they are to improve the soil!


So then we dug holes in the soil, added a little organic fertalizer, and then planted the potatoes. 


Afterwards, we picked mizuna and dill to bring home for a yummy salad.  I hope you enjoy!


Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

Best regards,
Michael Keida