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2016.03.02 UP
TIdepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the start to Spring.  The days are longer so we can have more fun at the farm these days!  Today we worked with Fire again, starting with making sparks and one student started a fire using flint and steel(it was his first time succeeding!!).

Once the fire was started, we discussed what fire is used for in our daily lives; we cook, heat, and make light with fire.  But today we looked at another way to use fire, and how to add character to wood by partially burning it. 
First, we cut pieces of wood to be used.  Each child took turns using a saw to cut.  Not easy!!!

Then we placed the wood in the fire to burn all the sides of the wood.  This took just a short period of time.

Then using a wire brush, we brushed away all the burn wood exposing the wood grain below.

Finally, we melted bees wax into the wood, torched the wood a little to soak in the wax, and then rubbed the wax into the wood to give it a smooth polish.
The kids loved the feel of the wood once it was done.

I look forward to seeing everyone again next week!!

Best regards,

Michael Coach