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2018.11.26 UP
Hello! My name is Lisa  水曜日「せかい」
Hello! My name is Lisa and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the four wonderful boys at Tide Pool's English lesson.

I hopped into the room where they were playing and surprised them with a "How are you doing?!" to which they all shouted back
"I'm fine!" Impressive!
Then I went around to introduce myself and learn their names.
I put out my hand for a handshake and I must say that their "akushu" were perfect!

think it's so important to be able to give a perfect handshake--it says a lot about the person's character. We played "pin the tail on the donkey", which is a favorite game played at birthday parties and at school.

It's very similar to "suika wari" or "fukuwarai", where the player is blindfolded, turned around, and tries to pin the tail closest to the donkey's body.
They all helped to draw a cute donkey on the whiteboard, drew, and cut out the tails. Then we learned how to say the body parts like "ears, eye (s), nose, feet" etc.
They helped each other get close to the whiteboard by shouting "left left!" or "right!"
Once everyone got a chance to play, the tails became airplanes and sweet potatoes (their imagination is wonderful!) and that evolved into making airplanes and learning to make boats out of origami paper.

That then turned into a fun "darts" game using the airplanes they made, with one boy drawing a perfect target and acting as the referee.
Everyone helped to add up the scores.
Their math skills are as impressive as their ability to repeat the English words I said with near perfect pronunciation!
Oh! I must also add that at the beginning of the lesson, they immediately were able to say the word "onomatopoeia" which means "gion"!
That is a hard word but they all said it perfectly!
Well done, boys!