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2016.03.09 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone! 
First we looked at the equipment and discussed how to use them safely.  Then we got started mixing our pasta dough with a mixer.  The pasta is made from semolina flour, regular wheat flour, and water. 

Once mixed into a nice consistency, the children broke into teams and made pasta.

First we stretched the dough by putting it through the roller.


Then, passing it through the slicer, we are able to cut it into nice fettuccine slices!  Once sliced, we made sure the pasta had plenty of flour to keep it from sticking.

At the end, we made super long pasta as a team.  The pasta was more than 2 meters long!!!  This was a lot of fun.

And with our final fifteen minutes, we played a game of UNO. 

I hope are are able to enjoy the pasta at home tonight!  Try it with tomato marinara, or genovese sauce, or even eat it as a replacement for Udon!! 

Have a wonderful week and see you next Wednesday!

Best regards,
Coach Michael