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2019.05.15 UP
森の精霊たちの世界 Vol.3 星山へ!!

The world of the spirits of forest Vol. 3. Let's make tree faces! Today the class took a trip to the Hoshiyama forest!!
森のスピリット達の世界 Vol. 3. 木々の顔を作ってみよう!今日は星山の森の教室へ出かけました!! 

The trees are alive and deeply connected with the earth. A work with trees is very interesting because they have faces and expressions.

Clay is a perfect natural tool for expressions on trees. Imaginations of fairly and the nature are always present when I organise this workshops with people. People start to sculpt and realise all elements around them are all materials that could be a part of their creations on the tree.

The kids in the workshop were awesome and very inspirational.  They were very connected with their trees and the forest and made very beautiful creations.

We listened to the needs of the kids and connected with their fantasy. It was a beautiful moment and kids creativities were amazing!