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2019.08.14 UP
TIDE POOL「せかい」クラス Paul先生
Just one student today, Yohtaro, a third grader with an above average English ability, which made for a very interesting lesson.
We covered various phonetic and language points.

As the basis we used the opening paragraphs from the Dr Seuss book `The Cat In The Hat`.
The main phonetic point was the 2-letter sound `th`, as in `the`, `there` etc. Focus was on correct pronunciation with particular
attention on the position of the tongue, as this sound doesn`t appear in native Japanese.
Linguistic points included
1)`too plus adj` as in `too high`, `too short` etc.
2) personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc)
3) past tense of several common verbs can/could, do/did, see/saw, sit/sat.
4) something/nothing
Yohtaro is a very bright and willing student and he was able to maintain concentration easily over the 90 minutes of the lesson.