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2016.04.14 UP
TIdepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Spring we are having! 

Today we started by completing our artwork from the past two lessons. 
We glued our black beach wood to the white painted backdrops,
creating a lovely contrast artpiece that can be displayed on a wall. 

Afterwards, we planted a sunflower garden near the edge of the farm. 

We planted two varieties, regular large sunflowers and a variety that was found in a field that may be a mixture of different varieties,
or a hybrid with many colors and smell like cotton candy!!

We enjoyed a little swing!!!

Finally, once it started raining,
we picked sweet peas from the garden. 
As we picked them, we munched away at them, enjoying sweet organic snack peas!!! 
YUM!  The children had a chance to bring them home so 
I hope you enjoy!

Back at Tidepool we played a little English hangman to wrap up the day!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Best regards,

Coach Michael