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2016.04.20 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day we had today!

Before we began farming, we had fun on our hammock for a little while.  The children took turns swinging!

Today we planted POPCORN!!!  In a previous lesson,
we planted black corn so the children are now very talented with planting corn. 
The popcorn was placed in a different place from the black corn so that they will not mix.

After planting them,
we watered the popcorn seedlings. 
I will plant soybeans between all of the corn plants since they are companion plants. 
So we can look forward to eating edamame as well as corn!!

Finally, we went back to the farm house and made popcorn from last year's seeds! 
It was yummy!! 
We even had fun tossing them in the air and catching them in our mouth! 

We even studied why popcorn pops.

I hope to see everyone soon!!!

Have a great week!

Michael Coach