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2016.04.27 UP
TIDE POOL – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone!
I hope you are enjoying the increasingly warm weather we are having. 
Today we made a fun toy to play with at the farm out of bamboo. 
I showed the kids a 2D model that I had made previously but we planned to make a 3D model.

First, we learned how to use the tools, including a hand drill and a cordless impact drill. 
Each child took turns learning how to use the drill. 
Then we began cutting, drilling, and preparing our parts. 

After each part was complete,
we placed them onto a 4x4 plank that was grounded to a large stump to keep
it from moving.  Each child glued and placed their parts onto the center plank,
and supported the pieces with screws.

FInally we enjoyed playing by rolling marbles down the track!!! 
It was so much fun!

Afterwards, we planted some soybeans by using a bamboo pole with a hole at the end.  This was also a lot of fun! 


I can't wait to try some edamame!!! 
Have a wonderful Golden Week! 

See you soon!

Coach Michael