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2016.05.11 UP
TIDE POOL – Wednesday with Michael
Hello Everyone!

Today was such a windy day!!! 
I hope you all stay warm and safe despite the weather. 
Since there was so much rain this morning,
we had our lesson at the timepool center.

We made weather vanes to help teach us about wind direction. 
First, we learned about the different directions: North, East, West and South. 
Then we began making our weather vanes.

First, we drilled holes into the bottle caps, and then into the base of the bottle. 
It was important to put the hole in the very center so the weather vane doesn't wobble.

Then we cut flaps for the propellers and cut wire to hold our bottles in place while they spin.
This was a difficult part of the lesson but everyone tried very hard and made great weather vanes!

Finally, we went outside and tested our weather vanes!!!!

We had so much fun testing the wind. 
We also used a compass to find out where the wind was coming from. 
It seems that today the wind is SSW - South South West wind! 

Have a great week and I hope you can enjoy the weather vane at home with your child!

Best regards!

Michael Coach