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2016.05.25 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely Spring! 

Today we focused on seeds and plant reproduction.  We went around the farm and looked at various shapes and forms of seeds and the how they grow. 

First in the farm house we looked at onion seeds and how they are produced.  Then we looked at heirloom Japanese wheat seeds that make their way around by sticking to animal fur or feathers to spread far and wide.

We then looked at different seeds in the brassica family(cabbage, kale, etc.)  These seeds grow in pods and fall around the mother plant.

Then we walked around the farm and looked at edible fruit plants and their seeds.  These will make their way through an animals digestive system and out with their pooh and into the ground.  These included cherries (mountain cherry blossom tree cherries are actually quite delicious!), mulberries and loquats.  Each child tried the fruit!

Finally, we looked for plants that grew from last year's fallen seeds.  This included various weed, tomatoes, tsuru murasaki, and African marigold plants. 
Each child replanted a marigold into a pot to bring home.  I hope you enjoy their flowers at your home!

Have a great week!

Michael Coach