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2016.06.01 UP
Tidepool – Wednesday with Michael
Hello everyone! 

Today we played with dirt!!!  To be more specific, we made cob out of clay and straw from the farm and made bricks.
First, we went around and found straw and cut it into easy to use length.   

Then, we searched for the right clay soil to make cob. 
If we can roll the mud into a long worm shaped piece and it doesn't break, then it had enough clay to use for cob.

Each child took turns digging up the clay with a shovel and putting it into the wheelbarrow.

Then we had a small wheelbarrow race with it full of clay. 

Once we got all of the materials, we mixed them with water and sand and worked them with our feet. 
Using a water proof sheet, we flipped and turned the clay, stomping with our feet. 
Then it was ready to be molded. 

Finally, we molded them into bricks and wrote our names on them. 
Once they are dried, we will bring them home as a nice decoration.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

See you soon!

Michael Coach